Another Review of Robot Sex Machine

I think this review says it as good as it gets. Read the lovely words of Jason Randall Smith below.


When listening to Robot Sex Machine, one might think that Adam De Lucia inhales and exhales musical scales rather than oxygen. As a musician, he has devoted himself to nothing short of excellence on the guitar. With influences that range from Jimi Hendrix and John McLaughlin to Chick Corea and Bill Frisell, it’s no wonder that his music is immersed in the world of jazz fusion. Although the purists may continue to look upon this form of expression with disdain, De Lucia leaves the door wide open for funk and rock to play in the sandbox with jazz, which results in some wonderfully creative moments on this release.

It’s difficult to look at the album title and not think of the James Brown tune that De Lucia references. For Adam, the nod to the Godfather of Soul goes deeper than the title of his release. Robot Sex Machine is infused with loose-limbed rhythms that act as the backbone for each song and James is a direct link to that uncompromising groove. Adam’s allegiance to the funk can be heard on “6 Day Regimen” (albeit through a jazz lens) in the way that the fluid bass licks join forces with the propulsive drumming of Jordan Perlson. The technicality of the musicians throughout the piece is impeccable Read More »

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Kennedy Center Honors

Congratulations to all recipients of the 2013 Kennedy Center Honors! We all grew up listening to Carlos Santana on the radio. I have listened to Herbie Hancock since I was a teenager and especially am a great fan of both those honorees myself. I’ve seen Santana play live a couple of times and almost had the chance to meet him circa 1997.

Anyone spot these players in the star-studded performances?

  • Marcus Miller
  • Vinnie Colaiuta
  • Wayne Shorter
  • Chick Corea
  • Jack DeJohnette

What a night!

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First Review of Robot Sex Machine

Not really feeling this review, but a decent one nonetheless. Lots of inane comparisons to bands who have not been influences of mine. I’d describe it as a boxy review by Alex Henderson: saying more about his expectations than my album. Read it below.


When one thinks of jazz that’s on the funky side, names like Jimmy Smith, Charles Earland, Gene Ammons, Hank Crawford, David “Fathead” Newman, Brother Jack McDuff, Willis “Gator” Jackson and Grover Washington, Jr. come to mind. Those were the masters of soul-jazz back in the 1960s and 1970s, and they had no problem combining the freedom and improvisation of jazz with the grit and immediacy of soul and funk. In those days, it wasn’t uncommon for an organ combo to play a Sonny Rollins standard one minute and something by Sly Stone or Marvin Gaye the next. But jazz improvisers don’t necessarily have to express their funkiness in the grits-and-gravy fashion of Richard “Groove” Holmes or pianist Gene Harris’ group the Three Sounds. They might opt to go for something more cerebral, and guitarist Adam De Lucia favors both the funky and the cerebral on Robot Sex Machine.

Despite the obvious funk influence one hears on “Store on the Corner,” “The Far Groove” or “6 Day Regimen,” none of those instrumentals is funky in a Crusaders-like way. De Lucia knows how to provide material that is at once funky and angular: he isn’t afraid to be abstract, often taking Robot Sex Machine into mildly avant-garde territory. Read More »

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What robot media series would be complete without Kraftwerk!? Okay, the human-likeness of the robots in this video is admittedly a little creepy, more so because the arms and legs are decidedly inhuman. Still, check it out! You’re likely to see more from this group before the series is over. You were warned.

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Tedeschi Trucks Band on Tour

The Tedeschi Trucks Band is on tour promoting their new album Made Up Mind. Tim Lefebvre—always a great source of knowledge for VST purchases; and it humbled me to ask a monster player about replacing a bassist with a machine—has joined the tour fulfilling bass responsibilities and appeared with the band on Conan in the video being shared below.

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Never To Be Forgotten

I would be remiss not to mention “The Godfather of Soul” as a musical inspiration of Robot Sex Machine. Not just a cheeky nod in an album title, James Brown is the source of serious grooves and funky rhythm and is acknowledged here once again. This high energy performance was filmed for an Italian TV station.

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