Robot Sex Machine Cover Artwork

Another one by M Studio. I gave them free reign on this one and love how it came out. The typography was inspired by a classic 1970s electric piano manual.

Robot Sex Machine
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Download of the Day

“Store On the Corner” is featured on All About Jazz. Check it out! It was the Download of the Day on Wednesday, Oct. 23 and has been downloaded over 1,200 times already.

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Fun, Light Series on Robot Media

I will be posting—or curating, you can call it—cool media in a series on robots to set a fun, light tone about the release of Robot Sex Machine.

The first selection that came to mind—and might be my favorite by far—is the 2005 Daft Punk anthem “Robot Rock” from the French duo’s album Human After All. Without further “adieu”

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Good Things Breaking the Horizon

Here is a list of things to expect the next few weeks out and beyond:

  • Promotion for Robot Sex Machine
  • New music featuring Michael Ghegan and others
  • New blog posts
  • Possible IMAs

Promotion for Robot Sex Machine

“Store On the Corner” was the featured Download of the Day at All About Jazz on Wednesday, October 23. It has over 1,000 downloads already and is doing well in the rankings. I’ll post a follow up about this including a link to the download page. Read More »

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Hypnotist Review by Nick DeRiso

Here’s another review of Hypnotist. I consider this to be a very favorable review. Nick also gave the album 4 Stars (out of 5). Thank you!


Intrepid guitarist Adam De Lucia seeks to create electronic accompaniment that sounds downright human—and he largely succeeds on Hypnotist.

Along the way, he’s watched in wonder as a student with both Israeli guitar alchemist Oz Noy and former Tal Farlow sideman Doug Clarke. But De Lucia’s aspirations have always gone beyond just mastering his own instrument. His aim is to change the way people think about MIDI backing sounds, to become so proficient at programming that it has the feel of a full band. Read More »

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Hypnotist Cover Artwork

Check out the cover artwork for Hypnotist that M Studio delivered to me on Friday. Love it!

Hypnotist Cover Artwork
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