Robot Sex Machine

Released May 12, 2013

Robot Sex Machine Album Art-work

Liner Notes:

Featuring brilliant support from sidemen Michael Ghegan and Jordan Perlson, Robot Sex Machine is available with 8 bonus tracks from Hypnotist when you buy the physical CD on CD Baby.

  1. 6 Day Regimen
  2. Store On the Corner
  3. Carousel

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Released Feb. 14, 2013

Hypnotist Album Art-work

Liner Notes:

More songs, better sound, lower cost. Can’t lose. Eight songs for the price of a specialty latte—only on CD Baby.

  1. The Far Groove
  2. Cycle Plus One
  3. The Dream
  4. 96 Heart Beats Per Minute
  5. Caution (Rise of the Tyrant)
  6. The Theme (Virtue)
  7. Hip Flop (Take 1)
  8. Hip Flop (Take 2)

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Hip Flop Take 1 (Remastered) — Single

Released Sep. 14, 2012

Hip Flop Take 1 (Remastered) Album Art-work
  1. Hip Flop Take 1 (Remastered)

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Hip Flop Take 2 (Remastered) — Single

Released Oct. 31, 2012

Hip Flop Take 2 (Remastered) Album Art-work
  1. Hip Flop Take 2 (Remastered)

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EP (Deluxe Version)

Released Jan. 6, 2012 (Ltd. Oct. 11, 2011)

EP (Deluxe Version) Album Art-work

Liner Notes:

EP (Deluxe Version) is resplendent with hard-hitting grooves, new musical textures and color, tone quality and killer improvisation. Each song blends Jazz Fusion or Smooth Jazz, Progressive and Pop/Rock elements in balanced compositions, featuring solos and accompaniment by deeply musical players.

  1. The Far Groove
  2. Cycle Plus One (feat. Chris Tarry)
  3. The Dream
  4. 96 Heart Beats Per Minute
  5. Caution (Rise Of The Tyrant)
  6. The Theme (Virtue)
  7. 5 Miles To Empty (feat. Katy Hylton)

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Hip Flop — Single [Take 1]

Released Sep. 23, 2011

Hip Flop [Take 1] Album Art-work
  1. Hip Flop (Take 1)

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Hip Flop — Single [Take 2]

Released Aug. 13, 2011

Hip Flop [Take 2] Album Art-work
  1. Hip Flop (Take 2)

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Released Jan. 1, 2011

EP Album Art-work
  1. 96 Heart Beats Per Minute
  2. The Far Groove
  3. The Theme (Virtue)
  4. Cycle Plus One
  5. The Dream

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Simulacrum (Single)

Released Jan. 21, 2010

Simulacrum Album Art-work
  1. The Far Groove
  2. The Theme (Virtue)

Wake Up Call (Single)

Released Jan. 20, 2010

Wake Up Call Album Art-work

Liner Notes:

Wake Up Call is based on the metaphor that rhythm is related to the heartbeat. The title “4 a.m.” came from a medical study citing 4 a.m. as the most common time that people suffer from heart-attacks. It was considered apt vis-à-vis the apprehension of its tempo at 210 beats per minute—a prestissimo—due to the strong beat on every eighth note. Referencing its tempo in the title, “96 Heart Beats Per Minute” is also related to the rhythm of the heartbeat; specifically, the onomatopoeia of the bass drum. It has different musical textures, and the instrument sounds were chosen to connote the Jazz Fusion genre.

  1. 4 a.m.
  2. 96 Heart Beats Per Minute

Cycle Plus One (Single)

Released Jan. 20, 2010

Cycle Plus One Album Art-work

Liner Notes:

De Lucia was booked by Hofstra University to perform at the Fine Arts Student Show in Spring 2006. He composed several songs for the event, and “Cycle Plus One” was born of that effort. Over the next four years, Cycle Plus One developed organically. That development resulted in a violin arrangement for the intro and conclusion and a harmony with an original spin he put on the 12 Bar Blues. The song includes a cleared sample of “Cosmic Strut” by Narada Michael Walden of the legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra and boasts multiple Juno Award-winner Chris Tarry as a featured soloist.

  1. Cycle Plus One (CP1/C+1)

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