Adam De Lucia, guitarist

Adam De Lucia is a musician / composer / producer who has forged creative partnerships since founding Hi-Bred Productions in 2004. His network includes stalwart musicians, burgeoning talent and industry luminaries.

Associated Musicians: Michael Ghegan (Michael Ghegan, Justin Timberlake), Chris Tarry (Chris Tarry Group, Metalwood), Timothy Lefebvre (Rudder, Krantz Carlock Lefebvre, Mz.), Jordan Perlson (Becca Stevens, Sara Bareilles, Blue Man Group).

Inspired by the desire to communicate through music, De Lucia began playing the guitar at the age of 15. Particularly, Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix from a record collection his father kept and his father’s simple recommendation that “some people say Jimi could make the guitar talk” imbued his imagination with the musical spark. Since the start, Adam has structured his musical education within a traditional vocabulary. He sheds all keys and many scales in his practice routine. Bolstering his routine: private lessons with masterful players (often Berklee College of Music graduates), including a year of study with Oz Noy. But studying most notably since 2004 with Doug Clarke, who attended the Berklee College Of Music on merit scholarship, learned and performed with the bona fide Traditional Jazz and Bebop guitar legend Tal Farlow.

Inspirations: Return To Forever, John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Doug Clarke, Oz Noy, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Bill Connors, The Allman Brothers Band, Wayne Krantz, Bill Frisell.

His engineering responsibility also includes detailed Musical Instrument Digital Interface programming. De Lucia takes MIDI programming very seriously. He aims to program electronic music that is indiscernible to the listener, which is a hard target. Parallel to his guitar playing, he hopes to dispel taboos about electronic music with clear musical programming. He concentrates on customizing software instruments and note-by-note dynamics in particular, beside the basics—pitch and perfectly timed rhythm as the strength of MIDI—to emulate human phrasing, programming an electronic instrument as if he was playing the guitar. His highest objective is playing the guitar in a musical way.

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