Band Pursuing Film/TV Placement

Good news! On Monday, Jan. 2, the Press Department at Adam De Lucia’s Tektonics forwarded to me an email from Yergh Entertainment, a London, UK-based music licensing and management company. A representative from Yergh Entertainment had reached out to say they had heard our music on CD Baby and loved it! Yergh Entertainment has placed more than 50 artists in film and television licensing deals with companies like MTV, Jack Daniels and other famous brands and said they would love to pitch Adam De Lucia’s Tektonics to their clients for the placement of our music in film and television. We gladly accepted their offer. What a great way to kickoff 2012! That CD Baby distribution is starting to pay off.

In other news, EP will be available in iTunes and other markets very soon through our ‘Distributor of Choice’ for all our independently released music: CD Baby. For now, you can find it in our Store. Unfortunately, the availability of EP will be limited for the next several weeks. The iTunes staff took an unexpected holiday vacation, and we needed them to process a takedown request of EP through Tunecore before we redistributed it through CD Baby to avoid a conflict with stores. Although the timing didn’t work out, the album has now been taken down and redistributed. We are waiting to give our final approval for its release until CD Baby changes the album page URL to something more descriptive that can fit on a business card. Once EP is released in iTunes a link will be posted here. However, you can find it in our Store now, or on CD Baby by searching our band name. We extend our apologies if this has inconvenienced you!

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