EP Released, Photo Gallery Debuted

Whoa, so much good news to share that it’s hard to decide what piece of news to share first! Since voting is underway for the Independent Music Awards and I have submitted this Website for consideration, I want to lead off by pointing to the new photo gallery. A collection of galleries can be found at the Photos page. Clicking on a thumbnail in any gallery will launch the classic—and customized—lightbox plug-in that I have branded to integrate its style with the overall Website aesthetic. There is a ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ style navigation below each gallery to ease your browsing experience.

In other important news, EP is live in iTunes, and there are links to the album at the Discography page. Return visitors may remember that EP had been distributed through Tunecore. However, my entire catalogue as Adam De Lucia’s Tektonics, as well as future independent releases, will be released through CD Baby for a richer experience and more trustworthy relationship all-around. You can view the EP iTunes page here. The album also was made available for you to buy at a $0.95 discount at CD Baby here. Today CD Baby received my physical CD stock, which should be retail ready by Friday, Jan. 13.

Lastly, I am looking into an account with Link Share, an Apple iTunes affiliate, for links that will launch iTunes to the album page that you want to view. This type of linkage is called ‘deep linking’. I would like to support this feature for serious fans of mine to make your shopping experience less of a hassle when purchasing my songs and albums. If possible this feature will be added later in January.

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