New Video, Enhanced Features Added

First thing’s first. Please refresh your browser.

Fair warning:


result may cause an inescapable euphoria.

. . . . Done? OK.

So, now that your browser is refreshed there are some visible changes to the Official Band Website. You probably have noticed the Holiday Gift, right? It’s the big red button. If you click it your browser will begin to download a free DEMO of “Store On The Corner,” which will appear on my LP. It’s my holiday gift to you! Please do download it. Users who are browsing in Internet Explorer 9 or any other major browser—with the exception of old versions of IE—will hear a little “sticky” sound when you tear off the corner of the holiday download sticker by rolling your mouse over it. It’s one of two new enhanced features on the site. If you’re using IE 6, 7 or 8 don’t worry, you can still download the song.

You can watch a new promotional music video for EP Deluxe Version here. The Deluxe EP will be released in iTunes and other digital download markets on Jan. 6 in the New Year. It is already available to purchase in digital and Pro CD-R formats from CD Baby here. So go get it! Everybody who has given me their opinion on it has had nothing but good things to say. The video was posted to YouTube, and you can find it at our channel here.

Another obvious change is the navigation. I’m using image ‘sprites’ to replace the old typography. Although I won’t bother to explain what sprites are to you (it’s reeeally boring), I will say that this change came about because I am sensitive to PC users who were getting, in my opinion, a less-than-fab browsing experience because of poorly aliased fonts, which Web Development tools do not give me the power to change. Indirectly, however, I was able to change out those fonts with some graphics, replacing that weak-looking type to give you a better browsing experience on my site. Other changes include backgrounds for the aside headers and another browser-enhanced feature: a custom text-selection color for Firefox and Safari users. Happy holidays!

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