Live Set from Jamian’s Posted to Player

A fresh recording of a two song live set was posted to the audio player. The music was captured this past Sunday, Nov. 13 at Jamian’s Open Mic, Red Bank, NJ. Both songs will appear on my upcoming LP, so please tell your friends to raise awareness about this music. It is my deeply-held belief that Music—the Arts in general—enriches our lives. I feel funny saying “raise awareness about this music” because you often hear people saying that about charitable causes. However, my love for music and commitment to realizing meaningful compositions runs deep. You can listen here: Audio Player.


Adam De Lucia, guitar (live), compositions; and two players who I lovingly call “irreplaceable”: Michael Ghegan, keyboard (live); Jordan Perlson, drums.

There is also some MIDI programming on the tracks to flesh out the shape of the songs that Michael has just started to learn.

In the future, some sets from Jamian’s will be posted and free to download. However, I want to treat Michael fairly by giving him the chance to learn and rehearse these songs before making downloads available to the public. We just had so much fun playing this night that the result was worth sharing with you. Michael is among my favorite keyboardists. He sounds great improvising to my compositions, and Jordan, a “scary” good player, is killing it on the drums. Enough talk from me: go check it out!

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