CD Baby Distribution

So here’s the plan. CD Baby is a trusted distributor of independent music, and many consumers feel more comfortable purchasing independent music from CD Baby than any of the other distributors. Therefore, CD Baby has been appointed ‘The Distributor of Choice’ for all independent releases by Adam De Lucia’s Tektonics.

I want to announce that EP (Deluxe Version) is the first release of ours on CD Baby. The album is live now—more on that below. Furthermore, albums and singles that currently are available through another distributor will be rereleased through CD Baby as those albums are due to be renewed, with no lapse in availability.

I am proud to say we have started off our newborn relationship with CD Baby on a good foot: working to have EP (Deluxe Version) distributed under the banner of local priority and global availability. What does that mean? Limited release followed by full distribution on January 6, 2012. First, the album was made available at gigs and local shops: Holdfast and America’s Cup in Asbury Park, and Turnstile in Belmar. Shortly after that the album was made available to purchase in limited release over the Internet. Enter CD Baby. Our partnership with them has allowed us to get ahead on sales and to build momentum locally by submitting the EP for media coverage and airplay where we are more likely to be well-received, and then expand into popular markets like iTunes and Amazon Mp3 on that special date—hopefully with a head of steam—without having excluded anybody from the get-go. CD Baby also holds the potential of physical distribution outside the local area through their partner Super D.

Our Store is powered by CD Baby, and you can find EP (Deluxe Version) on the CD Baby Website here. Full distribution Jan. 6, 2012.

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