New Website Style Launches with ‘Kermit’

Anyone who is visiting Adam De Lucia’s Tektonics on the Web for the first time since late August most likely has noticed that the Website has a brand new style. After having spent a year waiting for a great header photo to inspire the design I have decided to forego the header graphic. However, I will be adding new graphics with cross-browser accessibility to other parts of this site soon. Meanwhile check out the new look and feel of the audio player here! Its default style was titled “Blue Monday.” I have titled the new style simply “Kermit.”

Perhaps the best thing about this site beside its content is its functionality. For instance, the audio player works in any browser on the Windows operating system, Mac OS and the Mac mobile iOS. As I have said before and will reiterate now, this HTML5/Flash hybrid is an advanced degree of functionality that Facebook and other Web 2.0 sites have not achieved in their audio players. That said, on the Windows OS the site may leave a little something to be desired design-wise, although it looks great on a Mac. This Website will always be available with all-access functionality. The design? Well . . . not so much.

What You Can Expect

In the near future I will be rolling out new graphics. Some of those graphics may replace the text on the Website that looks “ragged-edged” because of system fonts, which all good Websites use, that are poorly aliased when displayed on the Windows OS. I know some of you are like, “Huh?” All you need to know is that I made up my mind a while back to make fully-accessible Websites without designing to the lowest common denominator.

Although some of you will be hard-pressed to believe that your expensive laptop/desktop computer running Windows OS isn’t more business professional—better in every way—than a Mac, the truth is that there are a lot of things that PCs don’t do well at all when compared to an Apple computer; and one of them is (modern) Web standards compliancy. So if you are a Windows user who is experiencing dissatisfaction with my beautiful Website you have my apologies on behalf of the Microsoft Corporation. My apology for any meticulously chosen and carefully hand-coded color of mine that does not display as I intended. My apology for any classic font of a degree of quality that was not selected by Microsoft to be included on all Windows computers for Web accessibility, which has resulted in a poor imitation of the font being loaded into your browser; and so on—I won’t bore you with all the details. I’m just saying that if you aren’t the biggest fan of the new style (I looked at it on Windows to test functionality and was nonplussed with the design myself, being a Mac user) don’t get angry at me. You can always buy a Mac. What are you waiting for?!

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