Production Nearly Wrapped on Deluxe EP

Recording for EP (Deluxe Version) is wrapped after two productive sessions at Bluetone Studio with the great Michael Ghegan. Michael cut a keyboard accompaniment to my guitar solo on “Caution.” He and I will be getting together one more time to work on this project before production is wrapped.

The album will hit on January 6, 2012. It will be available digitally and in hardcopy. I will post a new song—”Caution (Rise Of The Tyrant)”—from the EP to the audio player that you can stream as often as you like. First, I have to make a final choice of what first solo take to use.

I look forward to sharing the latest development with you. To show your support for the ground that we are breaking to make new music and to develop ways of sharing new music with you, the public, on the Internet—i.e. the all-platform J Player audio player, reaching the growing iPad market that has been underutilized by Social Media sites like Facebook—please consider purchasing an album by Adam De Lucia’s Tektonics on iTunes. You can find my latest single release, titled “Hip Flop (Take 2),” in the iTunes store by clicking the link.

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